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Mount Carmel has its inception as long back in the years1934 intended for education of girls. An era when women education was not so popular. The founders of this vidhyalaya are the Carmelite Sisters of St. Teresa, a woman religious congregation started by mother Tresa of St.Rose of Lima. The school, started in Kanjikuzhy in the outskirts of Kottyam Town, had a humble beginning with 15 students and 3 teachers under the leadership of Mother Claire,. The first Bishop of the Diocese of Vijayapuram Dr. Bonaventura Arana OCD of happy memory rendered all support and blessings for this noble Endeavour. Along with Mother Claire Rev.Sisters Aloysius, Dennis, Ananciata, Stanislaus and MotherGabriel were the pioneer co-workers of the school.
It was in 1947 when India freed herself from the foreign rule that Mount Carmel was elevated to the status of a High Scholl. Now in 2007 when our country celebrates the 60th year of Independence, Mount Carmel also gloriously celebrates the Diamond Jubilee of the school becoming a High School. The school is under the Corporate Educational Agency of the Diocese of Vijayapuram.  

Situated in Kanjikuzhy a fast developing business centre of Kottayam renowned as the City of Letters and is just 3Kms east of the town It is easily eccessible from KK Road as well as the Eranjal Road. The school has a serene atmosphere specialized by its wide campus accommodation also the Mount Carmel Convent Teacher Dducton College, CBSE School, Chapel, Boarding House, Childrens’Home etc.
Our Vision and Mission
We inculcate the belief that education is the foremost wealth for the success of every one. Mount Carmel has committed itself to bring out excellent physical and mental development of every child along with formal education while psychological progress is also cared for with spiritual and God-fearing values.
Our Mission : We restore human dignity to the broken and marginalized through our presence and their empowerment.

  • A Very vast Library with 30000 Books
  • Edusat Room with LCD Projector etc.
  • Well-equipped Stience Laboratory
  • Good Social Science Lab
  • A very spacious Auditorium (5000 sq.ft)
  • 2 Basket Ball Courts, Tennis Court etc
  • A good Boarding House
  • A Children’s Home
  • Hostel for Teachers
  • Chapel for spiritual nourishment

Our Team of Management
Patron:                                                                          His Excellency Rt. Rev.Dr.Sebastian
                                                                                       Thekkethecheril, Bishop of Vijayapuram
Corporate Manager:                                                   Rev. Fr.Varghese Alumkal
Local Manager:                                                           Rev.Fr.Beata CSST
Principal, Higher Secondary Wing:                         Rev.Sr. Terese Martin CSST
Headmistress, High School  Wing:                        Mrs. Aleyamma Antony
Principal, College of Teacheer Education:            Rev.Sr. Fina CSST
Headmistress, Primary &
Pre – primary Section:                                                   Rev. Sr Ansdalam CSST

    Mount Carmel has built an enviable reputation by the hard work and sincere dedication of its Headmistresses andzealous staff members. The present patron of the School Rt.Rev.Dr. Sebastian Thekkethecheril, the Bishop of Vijayapuram gives us efficient guidance. Corporate Manager of Schools, Rev.Fr.Vargese Alumkal and Local Manager Rev. Mother Beata are always with us with their constant care and support.
    We have a very zealous Parent – Teacher Association which maintains effective relationship between the parents of the wards and their teachers. This association plays a vital role for the overall development of the performance of the school. The present office – bearers of the Association are:-
President                                            -                                             Adv.Alex M Arayath
Vice President                                   -                                              Adv. Sebastian Kurian
Secretary                                             -                                              Rev. Sr. Therese Martin (Principal)
Treasurer                                            -                                              Smt. Aleyama Antony (H M)
Recent Academic Records (SSLC)
1998                                                     -                                              State 10th and 13th Ranks
2000                                                     -                                              State 15th Rank
2001                                                     -                                              State 14th Rank
2002                                                     -                                              State 7th and 8th Rank
2003                                                     -                                              State 9th, 12th, 13th,14th Rank
Priya James                                        -                                              Participated in the International School Games
held in Hongkong
Geethu Anna Jose                            -                                              One of the 12 best basketball players in
The world. Winner of many records

Manisha V.M & Deepthi Jose         -                                              Records winners/individual champions in the
National Games held in Bangalore                           
Meera Krishna                                  -                                              Cine Artist in whose name the Trophy of Kerala
Nadanam is instituted in the state youth festivals
Anju Susan Kurian                           -                                              2nd Prize in Angle triseeting (working model) in
The southern india secience and maths Fair
Mount Carmel has won several laurels in the State/District Youth Festivals and Sports Meets.

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We have a prestigious Higher Secondary Section since 1998 acclaimed by the student community for its excellence in academic performance and disciplined formation. At present, we have 600 students on the roll in the higher secondary section with staff strength of 24. The combination of courses offered is:

  1. Bio-Maths
  2. Science with computer science
  3. Humanities
  4. Commerce

Our students have brilliant performances during many years,

                2003                       -              Humanities 3rd State Rank
                                                                Commerce SC 1st Rank in the state
                2004                       -              Commerce State 1st Rank
                2006                       -              Humanities State 4th Rank
Our students are very often toppers in the State/District Youth Festivals
Primary & Pre – primary Section
   Our campus is proud of having a well – known primary & pre – primary school (Mount Carmel AVLP School) in the unaided sector. We take special care and concern in bringing out the inborn talents of the kinds from the very beginning and assessment about their overall performance is carried out regularly. The heaviness of home work and the staring of examinations are kept to the minimum in view of the special characteristics of child formation. At present, we have about 400 children here.

   Our campus has also a prestigious B.Ed College and this year M.Ed course also commenced as approved by the Mahatma Gandhi University. Our Teacher Education College is one of the renowned colleges in Kerala.

    The voyage of knowledge in Mount Carmel continues with arduous commitment vigor of its captains and dedicated staff members. The high school has now on the roll 2000+students and 80 staff members
The illustrious Sr.Virginia was the first headmistress of the school during the period 1947 to 1971.Her long tenure as the Headmistress is to entered in golden letters in the history of this school and it is she who bought this institution to the present status from the infancy stage. She was very keen in the discipline and character formation of the pupils. It was indeed quite natural that the state government honored Sr.Virginia with the title “Best teacher” in recognition of her selfless service
    The next decade, i.e, 1971 is also worthy of special mention when Sr.Rachel was in the administrative steering of the school as its Headmistress. Sr.Rachel was indeed a pious and devout soul at whose hands Mount Carmel safe was safe and sound. It was during her term that the school achieved several enviable recognitions, not only in the academic arena but also in the cultural and sports fields. In due recognition of her hard work, both the Central and State governments vested Sr.Rachel with many awards.
For the next 6years it was the turn of sr.Stella who was an extraordinary perfectionist. She was a true artist with zeal and vigor and worked hard for the overall development of the students. It is quite fitting that she too got recognized by the state Government as the “Best Teacher”.
    In 1987 Sr.Renitta took over the reins from Sr.Stella from who followed the foot-steps of her fore runners and led the school from progress to progress. Sr.Renitta is known for her keen concern for the students and she incessantly worked for the progress of the school in all respects. She retired in 2001 and it is nothing amazing that she won too many awards from the governments. It was during the term of Sr.Renitta in 1998 that the school was elevated to the status of a Higher Secondary school. She was Principal of the School from 1998 to 2001(Having the combined charge of the High School and Higher Secondary School Wings)
    Sr.Alphonsa and Sr.Lisie served the institution during the periods 2001-2006 and 2006-07 respectively as the principal. On bifurcation of the charges as per Government norms, from the year 2007, the High School is now under the charge of Mrs.Aleyamma Antony as the Headmistress.
    Attached to the school, there functions a good Boarding House for the benefit of girls coming from far –off places. The sisters take care of the boarders with ardent love and affection so that they comfortably feel at home. A children’s Home also functions in the campus for those children who hail from poor families; financial help is rendered for their studies and maintenance

    While attaching due importance to the academic wellbeing of the students, Mount Carmel renders equal attending in fostering and developing their inborn talents also. The school takes pride in having a very wide play ground, 2 basketball courts, several instruments’ for games and sports. In order to encourage sports lovers. All Kerala Sr. Virginia Basketball Tournament is conducted every year under the auspices of this school. The students are imparted rigorous training under expert coaches.  As a result, Mount Carmel very often bags many prizes in sports and games both in the national and state level competitions.
    We have a good NCC and Guides Association well functioning in our School and our Cadets have secured several honors in these fields. The activities of the international Red Cross Society are also vibrant in the school. A philatelic Club functions with a view to encourage those interested in the hobby of stamp collection. Reading habit of the students is adequately developed with keen attention and our Library and Reading room named “Sr.Viriginia Library and Reading Room” is a prestigious one having more than 2000 books. In addition to all these, students run a Readers Club as well as a Literary Forum, which all help the formation of the students in the literary field. The students, however, are not confined to the studies and related fields alone, they have a social service League intended to develop love for the less fortunate sections of our society.
    Science Club for attitudinal development towards Science, Maths Club, Social Science Club, Environmental and Eco Club Health Club, Etc; function in our school which all are aimed at the overall development of the wards. It is in this connection, it is worthy of mention that our students

   Kum: Gayathri K. Seenamni and Achu Sam were selected as the best students for project presentation in the Science Congress held respectively in Delhi, Gaughati and Pondicherry.
In the State/District/Revenue/Sub District Youth Festivals the students of Mount Carmel are always in the news with flying colors and prizes. Ours is the best school of the District as adjudged by the Kottayam Municipality and we are the holders of the Ever Rolling Trophy for many of the academic years.
Every year around 325 pupils attend the SSLC Examination and the results of Mount Carmel have always been a matter of pride for us. Many of the students have won wonderful academic records and top state ranks. The results were 100% during many years. It is with immense satisfaction that we acknowledge many of our alumni shining in various fields and serving state and the nation in top positions.
Despite the derogation of the values in the educational arena in many respects and amidst calamities and difficulties in the society around, Mount Carmel poses itself cool with its commitment to the student Community. We thank God Almighty for the innumerable blessings showered on this institution all throughout these decades.

Our Vision and Mission
We inculcate the belief that education is the foremost wealth for the success of every one. Mount Carmel has committed itself to bring out excellent physical and mental development of every child along with formal
education while psychological progress is also cared for with spiritual and God-fearing values.

Our Vision :

Our Mission
We restore human dignity to the broken and marginalized through our presence and their empowerment.


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